Call Me A Bitch…

Really i have to ask we’re are we going with our thoughts, rules, regulations, the way we think and what we do it has to make you wonder how political we are getting with so much in life and just everyday living, the scary part of this is in the next 20 years we will be at level where we can’t think or you will be classed as dangerous.

It’s been all over the news that some parts of the world have put the coronavirus shot on hold as it’s causing blood clots with some people of most ages, our government saids not a problem we will still go ahead with our vaccine as we are behind on schedule at the moment, lets not worry what happening around the world with this lets worry about making sure we are on schedule with the vaccine.

Now Kmart want to put all the girls and boys clothes together as they felt that shoppers were getting confused on what to get get there kids as in clothes, style, colour, design sizes… i don’t know it was pretty easy we had a boys section and down another 60 meters we had a girls section so what was so hard on working that one out, it was so simple… even my grandson who is 10 works out has done since he was 5…but again we just have to be so complicit in what we do and how we do it…

Yesterday i was called out to a job on a major highway were over a period of months a small leak under the road had caused a sinkhole by 60 meters in length and around 30 meters in width.. we hat to close the highway off and set traffic on another alternative with their destinations, wow the abuse i copped all day yesterday with angry driver not all but enough to think wow this is not good, now it was broadcasted on every radio station on the hour and live on the t.v saying what had happened and to go another way as of the hold up, people could still not get it and they felt with in their rights to let me have it, id say around the time of 13 hours was up i certainly had enough of the day.

To top of the day our company saids text them the day before the job locations are done so they had notice and know what their doing which is fair enough.. so as the person i am.. i let them know i’m not available today as of personal reasons and that was around so it gave them plenty of notice… then i get this phone call it wasn’t good enough as they had plenty of work this week… i very politely let the boss know i am on casual and there are day’s where i don’t get one hour at all of work but i have to wear that i’m like everyone else and just except the fact that next week i’ll struggle again, what i didn’t tell them today i go for my ( drug and alcohol test, medical and fitness test for my new position i received the other day.) Am i going to feel bad handing in an 8 hour notice i don’t think so at all.

Now really they are such mild things to bitch about really are but i’d say that i’ve just had enough with society, people and there attitude in life not all but there are a lot of in the majority that just need to complain and bitch about everything they see or do, it’s sad to think i’m starting to bitch on their bitching so am i at the same level as them, i don’t think i am but just had enough, do you-know when you work away for a long period of time out of the city you don’t realize how much of our society aren’t or just need to upset people so they have a good day, Lol i’m worried for me, i said to my kids if dad turns into a bitching bitch hit me bring me back to earth and the person that i like being usually a very good attitude towards most things in life.



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