A Weekend In Perth

This weekend was the first one for opening Hotels, Casino, Nightclubs, and big numbers for socialising. As I watch the news of depression, that’s what I call it as there never seems anything happy with our city these days come to think of it most news on the world is about the same thing on what has happened with the society of the global world.

Suburban Perth.

I see there are parties going on over the weekend at your suburban house’s, with that the police were called to quiet a few of them to break up brawls that were happening, hotels had them as well and the usual hotspot Northbridge…Now I’m not an old fuddy-duddy that believes in don’t have a good time in life, but these days it seems to be so different from today’s society of all ages we are so angry and have this thing for violence, got no idea why… in one way we have got an idea..id say the drugs, the burden of were a lot of lives are going with the thought of haven a good time is getting totally smashed and as cheap as you can.

I’m watching the full news from the weekend, it’s just one thing after another of violence and heartbreak… A very good friend of mine that I have mentioned a few times young Matty has just scored a really good job with his company on a 3-year contract with a local shire as security on the street, their what are called (Eyes Of The Street) now their job is to drive around all the area of this particular shire showing their princes and if there is a problem to radio into police, it’s really like haven more police on the streets in some ways, this is a full-time position.. 24 hours 7 days a week never stops, with this system at the moment there are 17 shires throughout Perth that are doing this to help with the amount of violence and crime on our streets in W.A…The great thing with this it creates a lot of employment, Matty is on big money, shire car, uniform, state of the art in technology as in 2way radios, computers, I pads and so many benefits and courses to go a long way in security as a government position laughing all the way to the bank, but this is where we are going as a society pretty sad in one way but it’s the future of life in our cities.

This is we’re i love going, i call this home in so many ways as i’m there more than i’m home Haha.

As I’m getting ready to fly out tomorrow for work I sort of appreciating where I’m going in one way..yes I work long hours and work pretty hard don’t have much time to do things besides work, do my washing, eat and our socialising is the guys we work with which is ok..but one thing I do find that I haven’t a problem with is losing the news of what’s happening around our city and the world…Id says it’s ok with that as I seem to be happier and gives me more time to keep in touch with my daughter and family and my mum and dad which is good, if there is anything I need to know Tara lets me know, as for my daughter and her little family they are very content in staying home…a home that is full of so much happiness and love why wouldn’t you do that.. happiness in life is such a great thing and as a dad, I’m so glad to see my kids in that particular area of their life.

Learn From Yesterday. Live For Today. Hope For Tomorrow.



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