I Understand More Now.

MMM 3am I’m sure I could think of something better that in the bitter cold guarding these guys.

Last night I worked on a shift with a crew of four and myself, and a big job as in the setting up of the contract.

I looked around as I do on each shift to see who I’m working with.. Mmmm waite a minute am the grandad to this shift, a very young crew. The set up took well over and hour an can do when your lane closer’s up to 750 meters comming from east,west,north,an south, we got settled in observed the traffic flow and points of saftey with the elments of danger involved.. One major point in a couple of areas the light was not good when your putting your self in front of cars.

All sorted as I’m here to tell the tale Lol.. What really intrigued me was the muturty of this young group with the proffesionalisum they showed to the clients and with the work needed doing.

Sometimes we can take things the wrong way as we get older not that we mean too not at all but it’s what is put infront off you that can give you the wrong perpestive with the young people of today.. through coaching teenagers and a lot of youths, you see the respect and courtesy they show you but all so you win that repect from your approach towards them.

Interesting the way the road signage is done these days.

This crew last night were 19, 20, 22, team leader 23 and me 60 years of age as you can see a big gap, but there attatude and the way they handled people last night on the road was excellent, we had a couple wine and dinneres that certanly had a few glasses of wine, a very angry man on a motorbike and one very stoned crackhead that had no idea were he was or what planet he was on.

It was the team leader of 23 that really impressed me how she looked after the staff, made sure we were safe at all times and we were in a good space through the night.. Becky and the rest of the crew showed me last night not all what you see on the street and in-front of you is all ways the case, they showed me the greatest of respect looked after me and really enjoyed chatting about different things in life.. With that you learn at an early age of life they too have gone through traumas things that can change their lives, I couldnt thank them enough for allowing me to work with such a great a group of young adults, i didn’t say to them Hahaha but i thanked them for a great shift to work in.

Sometimes we take in what we see and what is around us with life.. not what we can see and learn with life.

I thank you for the opportunity last night in seeing and learning with life.



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