Soup The Order Off The Day…

It’s that time off the year getting cold and miserable Haha cold anyway. Now since I have had the hip operation and a few other adjustment’s put on a bit of weight Mmm Id say a fair bit I don’t want to be modest just honest, so with that a great way to eat healthy and have a great meal is soup.

There are many benefits to eating soup.Soup can be a great way to get healthy, a balanced meal that is full of vegetables and other nutritious ingredients. Soup is also high in fibre, which can help to promote digestive health and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Additionally, soup can be a great way to get a warm, comforting meal without having to spend a lot of time cooking. Soup is also an affordable meal optioned can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer for later, the great thing is there are so many different soups that can made and very nourishing and the healthy way off eating for a healthier life.

#Journey Through Life…


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