Monday’s Many Turns In Life…

Or Every Day The Many Turns In Life.

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I say Monday, but really to say it’s been nearly everyday lately with the challenge’s that seem to pop up constantly. One that has occurred is finding work, the old story never be to confident when it comes to the ( word or saying ) we will look after you, I have found and experienced it many times in life and you have a small amount of hope they are sticking with the conversation that has been held so many times over 13 months. What i found is that the company that rang constantly to see were i was with my recovery with the hip, they haven’t said it but i feel they are looking at me as a risk on site not to confident in hiring me again, they have not said it straight out but when they don’t send you for a medical and not answering your calls is a very good sign we’re to the point i’m not ringing as i sort of feel i’m being a pain, so move on disappointed is the word for me.

So again i look at the horrible thing and thought in applying for work is the – age thing – yes your age can be such a hurdle in looking for work, even had one company ask wouldn’t it be easer to retire you seem at that age ( really ) every heard the saying – go fuck your self – i don’t want to retire really don’t not yet not ready, which i think it’s good that you want to keep working keep the body and mind active in so many ways, with that the old story keep your head up keep applying for positions as i do on an average three a day, local work and FIFO it will happen i think Lol Mmm i’m confident just got to keep working on it.

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The biggest problem is finding rent in Perth.

We have been going for at least three houses a week from four to five or even three bedrooms, but so has sixty to a hundred other’s been doing the same at every viewing we go too, sometimes we cant find any parking it’s that crowded with at least 20 to 30 people standing at the front waiting to go inside.

To make things harder is a pet which the kids need to look at very seriously, the area’s we have been going for are a long way out of the comfort zone to find one, and to top things up the government are travelling around Australia and Europe promoting W.A in what we have to offer in living, what they are not promoting is how hard it is to rent or buy one as the builders are struggling with the cost of materials sky rocketing to ridicules prices with the interest rates going up every month and inflation following right behind it.

We are like every family around Australia or should i say just above average, is the cost of living is getting to the stage were the thought of going for some shopping is stressful Lol with fruit, groceries, meat and fuel. It’s funny as we seem to blame everything in life as in the war going on 20,000 Ks away from us, the floods from three months a go from the other side of the country, also inflation that is occurring all over the world. One thing i have learned over life is in budgeting especially when you’r on a shoe string with money and no work in hand.

The one good thing is to come out of this we are supporting each other and working together to see we’re we can get these problems sorted for all of us thats so important, we know we can’t do much about the cost of living rising every week just tighten the belt even more Haha, the renting side just keep applying and be confident we will get one soon very soon.

When we find life to get harder. Challenge yourself to be stronger, wiser and take every step one at a time.

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