It Can Be Uplifting, Mmm…

If you think of today’s world and here we are in today’s world – and what we do in activities and how we progress with the way we live. There is a lot of up-and-downs and a lot of sadness throughout the world and also there’s a lot of happiness which can be really really good.

Now because I live in a world of excitement and have done for the last 11 months – sarcasm will get me nowhere I know – i’ve become a TV Bug haha, from Netflix, Apple, Kayo, and U Tube but not your commercial stations not interested at all.

I watch sports, movies, TV series, documentaries one that I’m really intrigued with at the moment is a documentary called – Somebody Feed Phil – Phil is the creator of everybody loves Raymond so the show is about food, Phil travels all over the world eating food but it’s been a really a great one to watch that shows you the culture of the countries he goes to and the architect of the City’s with the history.

. It is such a great show, one worth watching specially a lot of new cooking were you can learn a lot and how the cultures of the world are, in the history of the world and with the cooking it’s mixed in with the culture is so good very uplifting you do enjoy it thoroughly as one with So much happiness which is enjoyable to watch any time.

Phil is such a character got a wicked sense of humour and puts it across really well the cuisines and the way they cook with the food that has been shown throughout the world is amazing I’d really love to enjoy a job like that just covering the world of food and eating.

I’m thinking of creating and producing a show called- Somebody stop feeding Paul hahaha.

#Way Of Life…

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