At The Doctors…Bored Haha…

Well we’ll we’re does it stop, apparently the fully vaccinated stops this Friday, but now they are saying if you haven’t had your Flu shot you can’t get a job, I got the flu shot last year and couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks, I don’t want to get it seriously I’m trying to get back into the work force.

Yea with that I’ve noticed companies advertising for positions open, you need to be vaccinated for the flu, it seems the only decision I have lefty that is my choice is when I need to go to the toilet haha.

It’s funny in one way I have found it really hard lately to write a post, my head just seems dead as in thought of fingers to key board. Now I’m not a hundred percent about this dead brain but I put that down to – haven to get a house to rent in such a short time, working on the hip to get back to work as I’m just not ready for the medical torture… hopefully two weeks, no money haha not much stress there, packing the house up, and depressed not much stress haha.

I have to look at the good side of this there are people worse than me, but I still have to sort this out, so stay positive, look ahead in a good way, and look at every hurdle that’s put in front of me as a challenge. Life is a challenge and challenges are made to work hard at getting through them.

#Way Of Life…

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