The Week It’s Been…

The week started off obviously with a new prime minister, We have a complete new government which is good in one way and will see what happens, the last time Labour got the Vote was 13 years ago, but in saying that Scott Morrison had to go, Everyone had enough of his promises and not my job motto, if anything which is a good thing women showed the power of voting it was quite amazing election as in many seats women voted him out they had enough of him not listening to what they’re asking and what they were suggesting and what was needed, we will only tell in the future if labour is a good thing for Australia.

The usual goes on around Perth now except we had three solid days of rain which was really good filled up the pool so it does the job. I’m on A site called Seek which is for work, with that site it’s funny as I get at least two or three jobs offered to me a week, the company I worked for are going to take me back and went to the specialist yesterday and I got cleared as from the first of June so I’ll send the certificate in next week and the ball should be rolling I’m looking at doing three and one back in the Pilbara.

The family have been back a week Tara, Dallas, Kaiden, and Ava Lol… The house is back to normal very loud really happy and I’m glad you’re back. It’s been an interesting week I’ve had the finance company try and take me to the cleaners, and the Real Estate company reckon we were three weeks behind, it’s amazing we have been here for over two years now need to be out of here by the first of July and there seems to be problems with paying our rent seems to be a regular thing with Realestate’s haha.

As you can see I don’t have the most exciting weeks I had gone to the surgeon yesterday was really good yeah all the surgeons an the nurses were glad to see me, but more than anything and really happy that I was progressing pretty well. And I’ve gone back on medication for depression I don’t have a really need for it but I think it’s helping a bit and that’s what it’s about.

There is a famous quote is been going around for many years – Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. That’s a very true quote and one where I’ve had to create myself for the last 12 months it’s amazing what you do when when you’re down through illness, I only have about one month to 6 weeks later and I should be back in the work procedure which is good looking forward to it more than anything opportunity to get back on my feet I believe I’ll be there to August and then we get shifted to another project.

Life is really simple, but for some reason it could be made very complicated.

The great thing is I woke up today and life goes on its whether I choose to move on and do I choose to take the chance in the unknown, I could stay behind locked in the pass and think about what could’ve been, but not for me I’m sending in the certificate next week I’m moving onto my next adventure which is back in the workforce back in the Pilbara and hopefully get my life back on board, only time will tell, to make that time to tell I need to do it not talk about it but do it.

The great thing with getting back into the workforce he puts pride and confidents back with me, it’s amazing how you lose your confidents in your pride and in yourself when you’re actually not moving to well for 12 months and knowing that you’re not much help to yourself or the people around you.

You would not think that a man in his early 60s… he’s looking forward to going back to work I just want to say in my own self I’m so happy to be going back to work, yeah looking forward to it which is good.

#Way Of Life…

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