If You Ever Need A Friend…

To understate that family and friendship is a need for today the way we live, I’d say most of my life always wanted to have a good friend and always wanted to be close to the family.

I would be lucky to say that I’ve always had good relationship with my family and especially the kids, and the grandkids, also with friendship with some really close friends that have been a huge part of my life for many years, being there when I needed them been there for the good times and bad times but more than anything when I need a friend I know I can rely on them being there.

A True Friend

For all of us through a journey of life we have had a companion and a true friend the four-legged one. Throughout my life I’ve had a few and each one with a different personality, each one different character, and each one unique in their way but they’re been there as a friend. The great thing is with this friend, doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, doesn’t matter how you talk, doesn’t matter how you look all the way you put things across to them they seem to listen they seem to know what you’re saying and it’s funny sometimes you feel that he’s very interested in your subject all I know is that they are there for you.

Tumma has been in his family for a year now he’s one year old, but he’s also has a great character and a witty sense of humour but very gentle with Ava and Kaiden the whole family, very protective And loyal But more than anything he has become a really good friend with all of us in the family.

The old saying that a dog can be a man’s best friend he can also be a woman’s and a family‘s best friend, it doesn’t matter what size they are or what breed they are if you put the time an effort into them the reward can be something special to you and the family.

Lol… I’ve just board him with the same subject he’s herd a few times, I’m off to the specialist hopefully to get my certificate to go back to work, and all that time he never once said alright I have heard all this before he looked at me with concern and the look where everything will be okay, your good buddy Lol … that’s what a true friend is about.

#Way Of Life…

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