Coffee And Reality Check..

As I sit here having my coffee yeah so I don’t know, beautiful day compare to yesterday the amount of rain we have had in the last two days with today beautiful sunny, a bit down on temperature but inviting to be outside.

I don’t know I get a bit excited and really I’ve got to look at it, that my head is telling me yep go for it but my body is telling me you’re not ready so maybe looking at another month with the hip, but if I have to go that way safer than damaging an off work for another six months, yeah I just really want to get back to work obviously I’ve gotta look after yourself and have a reality check.

Looking around just very quietly sitting back the sun‘s out people are out, where I am at the coffee Dome , so noticeable with people just dribs and drabs so maybe the money is not around like everyone says it is who knows. But I have noticed people are very subdued walking past very quietly little beaming not much, don’t know why but I think we’re on the same boat All a little worry about the next dollar coming in, will get obviously with the prices of everything going up, on the way here I noticed fuel is going up for $1.70 per litre to 2.20 a litre per week only happens for two days, but that’s fifty cents extra a litre you pay which adds up.

Last night I decide to go to the doctor can speak to my local doctor have a chat is a bit of a character anyway he decided to put me back on Zack’s, which are depression tablets and I don’t know if I really need them it could help I’m little bit down I think you know, like I’m eager to get back to work but knowing I’m a bit depressed, when I get in my bank account and the bills keep coming in. I know I can’t let it get me down so I can walk around the shops with a smile on – saying good morning to people even though you don’t answer me I get a bit of a laugh out of that because most people think he’s crazy he said good morning to me, but little do they know it helps me and I gotta keep looking forward and keep going ahead things will change I’m just on what we could-be is a bit inpatient.

The one good thing I’m looking at today I had a win with the finance company to sort out the payment only have about $250 which is better than $1300 the old story, if you don’t bring it on bitch about it, you won’t get it sorted out or at least you get an answer through doing it. A bit of a win at the old story is you’ll never never know unless you ask, don’t let things go ask the question at least it helps the mind in not stewing over it.

For me be positive look forward and keep going ahead that’s all I can do it will happen.

#Way Of Life…

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