I’d Like To Say Today Is Just Another Day…

It’s been a couple of days we’re it just rained so it’s been lazy days in someways but also days that we are need to make sure I get ready to leave as we are needing to be out of the house for the fist of July.

I go to see the surgeon this Thursday and I look like I’m going be cleared, which is good then I’ll need my certificate to start work, as I have been told today by the company that I will be up north within four weeks I’m looking forward to that because that will be 10 1/2 months since I have workEd.

I’m not one for bitching but finance companies can I say they are just a wrought they really are as far as I knew last month I had paid off the car finally done which was good. Yesterday I received a letter to say they’re still owed $1300, which was added interest paperwork and all that bullshit that goes with it, when I rang them today to enquire about it I just couldn’t get the right answers and I’m not going to as I will still owe them $1300. News used for Australians today was that fuel is going to be around 2.17 at a standard price so when it goes up every Wednesday It will go up to around $2.30 every week for the standard three day rip off.

I’m not 100% but of all of Australia boycotted the fuel stations for one day every week we would certainly hurt the fuel companies and the government with their taxes, i’m pretty sure that everyone would not have to go to a fuel station at least one day a week pretty sure we could do that but it won’t happen because we just haven’t got the balls to do it. So if anything again the government gets away with that.

The other good news we got today is that the flu is gonna hit Australia as we haven’t had it for two years, so we’ve been told that influenza flu shot is now available give it two weeks it will be mandatory to get the flu shot, it won’t surprise me that if you don’t get the flu shot you can’t work I’m pretty sure that’s coming. I see one of the most interesting things this week was that yeah we have a new prime minister of Australia will be interesting to see if it benefits us or if we go down the shoot. The last three months we’ve heard nothing but promises, promises, promises it’ll be interesting to see how many those promises are kept. A few things they looked at was of housing arrangements, medical and lower taxes with looking at the cost of living to sort The high cost of living at the moment.

At the moment for everyone that is on the standard or average wage cost of living you’re in a bad way every day things are going up is vegetables, meat, and just your needs for around the house have doubled or tripled in the last three months. Statistics say that for a family if the husband is just working, alone needs to earn around 12 to 1400 a week to support his family, my daughters husband at the moment would not be earning that sort of income on a weekly basis and that’s why they’re finding it so hard to try and get the 10% deposit for a house, for the average house is around 500 and 50,000 so he needs 50,000 with stamp duty and everything else that is added on to it he needs around 70 to 90,000 to buy there first house. 

For me to finish it off with the kids are back home grandkids are back home, so the house is back to normal very noisy very loud but very happy and very exciting to have them back it’s amazing first week I thought love it, are the next eight days wow where are they absolutely missed them that they can only look really healthy and they really had a good time with catching a bag of fish. So for me life is back to normal I’m broke trying to get the leg ready for Thursday to be cleared so I can get back to work that the house is happy, which is good makes up for those bad things, which brings in the good things with life.

#Way Of Life…

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