Lazy Day… Mmm Should I Say Another F@@king One.

Well, what can I say I do my walks, exercise, feed the dog go to the shops check the emails and it just turns into another lazy day. I would say I do that most of the time but didn’t notice it as much maybe because I have had Ava around me chatting away, Tara keeping me on my toes and Kado in the afternoon with his witness, for whatever reason it is the lazy day is more noticeable.

When you have been off work for so long and trying to get your body back on track with only so much you can do because of recovery it can make your day long and bore sometimes. If I were to say this one time where I would have liked to have company yes a lady to chat with and be comfortable with would be an understatement of all, id says 23 years on your own is too long far, far too long.

To not give a fuck is to stare down life’s most difficult challenges and still take action but for some unknown reason this loneliness with no love or friendship is being a challenge I can’t seem to conquer or even get close to, I can’t understand it I’m everything a women wants fat, old, wrinkled, broke, depressed, not working, and a penis that’s surrounded by more spider webs than a spider convention Lol got to laugh about otherwise id hang myself to get rid of the problem, mmm now there is a thought.

Being single for so long is not about celebrating and appreciating your own space that your in. It’s about being in space with loosing confindence and a style of your own.


#Wy Of Life…

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