The Power Of The Mind – In Relaxing Thoughts.

If you have been in a situation where you have had many different challenges thrown at you in a short time of life, you will know where this is coming from with the need for a good focused mind.

The last twelve months have been challenging, not life-threatening but certainly, putting a bit of extra pressure and unnecessary stress on the mind and body. For some, it can create serious health issues, for me my depression which I thought I had some control over went to another level with the build-up of more challenges that were not for the best, small but one after another they build up into one big headache.

For me, it started in trying to keep my job by working on the leg that was creating a few problems so I made sure every night a lot of love and tender care to get me through the next day, and telling the company everything is all good. But like anything you can only do that for so long as it catches up with you, know that there is an honest box that has to be filled, in October I finished up as I just couldn’t do it anymore and I was becoming a very serious health and safety issue.

I had gone through 12 months of tests, scans, and MRI before we found the problem, and then it was the waiting procedure to see if you are getting the operation and when, and now it’s the recovery procedure.

Through this, I have to work on mind control in not letting it get me down more than it was and is, like anything in life it takes some doing. It’s not an easy one but one that is so necessary to be done, I try to notice I said try – to relax the body which I find helps with the mind, again if I can do that it can help with the thoughts and each move needed in getting on top of the problems or if anything at a level where I can look at them in a good way knowing that they are there. but I can make them a bit easier in life.

For me, drugs and alcohol are not the answer with the understanding the problem is still there the next day, I attack the problems by ringing the companies that are chasing money to sort some arrangements with payments and they are piling up when you don’t bring an income in for eight months with your saving funds going down the shoot. It helps to write down who is on the other end of the line, the date and time with what arrangements have been made as it covers you for the arguments ahead on the payments it happens.

I look at things to occupy the mind, for me writing about it helps as I don’t have anyone to chat about it, doing a course, and learning how to podcast, helps with the mind and thoughts to get ahead or if anything in front a bit at a time, I’m no mastermind or professional with this just learning what is best for me and the way I can keep with it. Its hard work and yes takes a lot of work, looking at the positives and even the bad help, on the bad days, stay positive, take one day at a time, a smile or a good laugh every day helps as well, try to keep it simple don’t over complicate more than it is, with this waking up every day is a start of a good day at my age and then take the rest of the day one step at a time.

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