Another day with life.

Yes, it is another day in life and one that seems just like the other one and many that have passed in the last 7 months. Seven months since I’ve worked or to be precise one week of eight and that’s gone quick as in time but with motions and getting ahead id say no seems very slow movement.

What hasn’t changed is people’s attitudes or their mouths with remarks that are not called for with any point to them. Earlier this year we had a situation where the vaccinated separated the unvaccinated with the government being a part by separating them like they were leopards. Now there is a turnaround as the government has lifted a few rules or regulations that created a lot of heat and loss of jobs separated family and friends.

The turnaround is that the unvaccinated are turning on the vaccinated with savagery comments and remarks on being losers, arse lickers, bending over and doing as they are told by the health officials and government.

We have a site called ( No X Community And Jobs Perth & WA on Facebook ) – the purpose was to support the unvaccinated that have lost their jobs and most things in life, with a lot of people that were vaccinated but had enough of the lies, deceiving government with the health system not knowing day by day the truth that is pushed into our heads that had joined the site, now the tide is turning which is going ugly in so many ways with anyone and all ages.

My philosophy was very straight forward if you are or aren’t you have done what is the belief of your decision, I wasn’t nasty over it everyone does what they’re happy with in life and to be honest, I find it harder enough looking after me, my kids & grandkids without worrying of everyone else.

It’s a shame but also the truth, how we as a society have changed over the years by being more critical with a lot of savagery towards people and their choices know them or not know them. I like to see is instead of knocking maybe a bit more support with your comments – which won’t happen we are too far gone with remarks and opinions toward’s people and what they do and say, so in finishing with this decade and the future, looks like it is Another Day With Life.

#Way Of Life…

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