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A day without learning is a day truly Wasted.

If i was to wake every day with an attitude, I’m happy with what i know that will do, it would be a very boring life. What is the value of learning and especially when we are in the older age bracket one we’re most kids or teens believe we are over the hill, lets face it the work force believes we are finished at 50 years of age and by the time you are 60 your existence shouldn’t be visible Haha.

The thing is every situation in life is the way we learn that gives us the experience. We do make daily Choices that make decisions and we live with them, no matter what the outcome will bring right or wrong, through this we are learning and if we are learning we are succeeding, everyday.

How can we make our learning and experiences be of value with life, use it to teach the younger generation and it can be the simplest things of life, with that i all so know that it bounces of both of us as i can learn of them as well. One of the important issues for me is my kids and more so the grandkids teach me is smile and have a laugh as that is the best medicine in life and it’s simple ( smile ) even when your down and out that smile can uplift that problem with a small percentage.

Today as i ventured out to the store, the young girl working there is so relieved with the mandates are dropping, wearing the mask all the time from Friday will go and not haven to prove your vaccinated to most places we go, what i learned the young felt it as well and how it created mental problems with the rules and regulations of the do’s and don’ts the pressure with making sure that you went with the flow of society.

What i learned today standing out front of the shopping centre was the relief on so many faces, even though they are covered wearing masks the eyes we’re wide open with the cheeks lifting of a smile under the mask even some said hello as they walked past, two more days and we are turning the direction with heading back to a normal life, still a few things to be axed but we need this would be an understatement as the cost of living and pressure with bills going up every time you open your emails, that small task and the few others are going to help society of all ages.

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