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One thing we have In Australia is the great election coming up next month to vote for the next Prime Minster Of Australia. The great question is who do you vote for who do you want running this country thats here for all people not just the hand picked. It’s funny all they are promising is throwing money like there is no tomorrow all to projects that half of us will never be involved in or see and it won’t benefit me or my kids, what we don’t hear is how they are going to work on Health, Schooling, Cost of living and housing that is so far out of most young peoples reach Mmm most of the average who are trying to establish a life, so again promises promises to gain a vote that will we ever see that is the question.

Maybe I have too much time up my sleeve and I still have a fair bit over the next five weeks. Iv’e been looking at different things and just simple ones at that. I had a flick through U Tube one off interest was the music as I haven’t been there for a while… Wow is It just me or that age thing I’m getting at, i had a look at the top 40, boy I was surprised to see so much music that made me realise how different the music is and is it for the better not sure.

I’m not old fashion at all and love all different variation of music especially if it’s good and it has soul, meaning, rhythm, good lyrics just good music, i am a blues lover it has so much meaning the way it’s expressed and so many tell a story I think thats good the way there is a story. I don’t know but i just found todays music so repertoire and if it wasn’t for the videos they would be pretty average, but it’s music of today with the generation of today.

One we are looking at at the moment is trying to find a house for us to rent and one that is reasonable. For the kids to buy they need 10% and more to get into the market, that makes hard when with the shit thats going on with covid as work is not stable it’s too far all over the place, until that settles it makes it impossible for that to happen. The biggest thing there are so many looking for rent when you go for a house around 500 there is all ways one that offers an extra 100 and you know it’s not worth it, not fussy but they have to be reasonable to live especially with young kids, we just keep looking and hopefully soon something comes our way.

Who said life with out challenges is not life Mmm – I say too many challenges make life very hard.

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