Not Again Really…

You’r sitting at home getting comfortable for the night with the background of the phone in the background, Mmm I’ll answer this, Mmm the owner that dose not ring that much. If i put the phone down at the end of that conversation and don’t say much with just sitting there with the face of Really.

I was informed that Bryan and his family have had enough of Western Australia with rules regulations and the struggle with constant work, decided to sell their house’s and go back to NSW.

We have been told that we have three months to move, and that is a bit of worry as house’s are very hard to find and so expensive with bucket’s of shit are going for $500 dollars a week and you wouldn’t think of it seriously not that i’m picky and even though just renting living comfortable in a reasonable way is so important with every thing going on around you.

Had a lot of thinking last night over this and maybe just maybe it’s time to change and really big one at that. They say a change in life is as a good as a dollar Id like to see a few thousand Haha. I got to work this out as well, i don’t look at with going back to work for another six weeks or so, with the procedure of looking at a new chapter in life another shift… South here I come… North here I come… a lot of working out over the next few months Haha and another new massive challenge to life, they didn’t stop coming with that need to stay positive , keep looking forward, and take this challenge with a level head with the need of working back getting on my feet.

#Way Of Life…

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