The Loneliness And Boredom Brings The Best Of Netflix…

What can i say besides really, as i look in the mirror of the bathroom and it’s bouncing back at me loud and clear, so clear and positive… Get A Life Lol…

I have been off work for seven months wow how that flies when bored Hahaha and i believe and have been told by the surgeon should be wright half way of June. I’m not complaining, well I’m sort of am in a polite way, before the operation I could drive so I got out of the house, see if you have a major operation its on file with your licence and insurance policy, but all so i have to be honest I went for a drive the other day and that little stunt put me back a few days as I created a lot of pain and moving slow, so the drive has gone out of the window for a while.

In my room i got my self a 70inch plasma so it’s like laying down at the movies Hahaha except i have better eats than pop corn Haha, and its set up with U tube Google so i can have a major screen with running it through the computer with blue tooth built in, bring on Netflix especially the last four weeks.

I have watched just about every movie good and bad and most Tv shows, Fargo, Peaky Blinders, Lucifer, Formula One, Queen Of The South just to mention a few and now watching Animal Kingdom, I must admit some a pretty good.

So i don’t turn into a complete nerd of Tv i do blogs, one lesson a week on writing, started my book. and all so are learning and set up Podcast to do, the moral is i need to keep at least most of the day active and learning different things, I have to say it could be a trap and easily full into. At the end of the day I set up for the next one and a short plan so when I’m up i have a procedure to go through for the day.

Try to make every day a good one and an active one if can.

#Way Of Life…


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