Slow But Improving With Each Day…

It’s moving slow but improving a little bit at a time with small and better movements with all movement with the hip. What i am impressed with is the technology and how this is insert to the Acetabulum ( hip socket ) – Femoral Head has 2 – 2 – inch screws attached to it – Femoral neck which runs through to the Femur were the 6 inch rod is drilled in to your thighbone, with recovery around another six weeks and improving each week Im looking forward to be back to normal movement if any thing better that i have been in years.

The hardest thing is with recovery as you can not drive until cleared and walks are only very short with other exercises as getting movement back in to the knee up of the leg, not that Im complaining Lol i sort am is the boredom, i really am getting a bit agitated looking and walking the inside of house with three walks through the day around the outside of the premises Lol, Ive said it many a time Im not to badly off and every thing is going forward thats the main thing with keeping thoughtfully that your all good in life and you have something to look forward too.

#Way Of Life…


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