Please Tell Me! What Is The One Thing That Has Made You? Smile, be happy, Feel Good, Achieved, Done A Good Deed, Satisfying.

For me, it’s the simple things of life that puts a smile on my face, a new style with the haircut, my granddaughter running into the room beaming with happiness and chatting away to me at 100 miles an hour with no breath in between, or the excitement with the grandson on his day out at adventure world, or in helping someone like today I open a ladies car door as she was struggling with her shopping in hand – as I hobbled away on crutches that small suggestion made me feel ok.

There are people who try to make you smile and be happy. And there are people who make you smile and be happy. Without even trying.

I find through life as you get older we have a look of different perspectives with what’s around you and how your day pans out, what i find i have a simple and easy way of excepting my day by doing the things that make me happy with looking for more of what can make me happy. Life is better when you do what makes you happy regardless of what others think after all it’s your life not theirs, what ever we do in life make sure it’s what you want and this is what makes you happy.

Tell me what was it today that made you happy, feel good, smile, or just that feeling that today is a good day to be alive within.

#Way Of Life…

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