You Blink & The Year Fly’s… With So Much Sadness That Goes With It.

I woke up today thinking Mmm thinking Lol i do that every now and then, but any way how quick has the year gone or going is more for thought, the year is just flying… Easter has come and gone, and then we look at it we’re into the fourth month all ready and two weeks away along comes May.

So what a year it’s been or still going to be there is so much happening through out the world good and bad but more a catastrophe for some parts of the world.

China faces its biggest Covid challenge since the dark days of Wuhan. The vast cases are in Jilin province in Chinas northeast. The entire province of 24 million people are in lockdown and shut off from the rest of the country. Why this is happening China has grown more negative in recent years across many advanced economies, and unfavorable opinion has soared over the past years, hard to see why, but if anything they have brought it upon themselves in a few ways.

Russia surprised the world with going to war with Ukraine and dose not look at stopping at any time, for some reason Vladimir Putin has got the dream of winning and believes that Ukraine are constant threat and Russia could not feel safe develop and exist, with the initial aim to overrun Ukraine and depose it’s government.

Australia, Malaysia and now South Africa have all been or just going through it now with major storms and floods. Australia is lucky we only lost a few lives but Malaysia and South Africa are going through the sadness of lives being lost or not to be found until clean up can be done…

It’s a scary thing to think but we still have eight and half months to go for the year, we would like to think and see it turn around for all countries of the world and as for disasters we have had enough natural catastrophe’s and man made ones, we need to turn around hatred and hostility with maybe haven some respect towards other humans and society with the world, we can only hope as we really don’t have to much to say with it as we can only pray and hope the world leaders see the same concept.

#Way Of Life…

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