Were Are They Now ?

I have woken up today feeling ok which is good, id say one of the key things that are helping is I’m sleeping a lot better as for that 4 to 5 hours is better than 1 to 2 hours sleep Lol Hahaha if I get any smarter ill to outdo my self Lol.

Let’s talk about mateship and family, yes those two words are a huge part of life you build a long bond and friendship with people over the years and they become your good mates, and then there are the ones that have been with you thick and thin all your adventures and experiences of life.

Then there are times when you really could do with support when you are going through a major challenge in life and there is the need for morale and the check in’s to see how you are travelling and if ya need anything. This is when the true blue mates come forward the ones that mean something to them and you, well I have lots of mates that I have built up through the years, but when it comes to times that are hard id say around a handful and that’s not going over 5 are the ones that check-in a few times a week to see how you are going and if you need any help.

As you get older society and the world change so does the way we look at things in life, one of them is the time we make for ourselves as life seems to move faster so do the way we think ( he will be ok he’s not dying ) the thought was there. Then the pressure of living for all of us is a thing we can not go past as just everyday living.

I’m an honest person id say I would be guilty as well, if a mate is down ill ring to see how he is travelling with a chat and then maybe ring again a few months down the track but close ones I keep in full contact and see if I can help in any way.

Family well how that can make ya think, I’m still a bit surprised with mum and dads decision with my kids and grandkids, but as I get older I look at it in a different way, yea not happy but it’s their belief on their safety I call it with the Covid and with much older age of 80 up are strong values on what the government and media put out and only see what they are told to do, ( Mmm I’m not 80 plus yet Lol ).

I spoke to my greatest aunty anyone would or could have, short story there are only 6 years the difference between Chess and me, she had a lot to do with me and brought up when I was in my two’s to five years of age. As we were chatting the other day, she has been a great support. Chess is like me has a brilliant bond with her kids and grandkids Hahaha I have two she has twelve but we were both saying the bond you build with your kids and their kids is the best thing in life to be a part of we are the lucky ones as there are so many that haven’t got that or understand that, and then the ones that do have it as parents or their children understand and love being a huge part of their parent’s life.

Life is a funny thing, you look at different things with a better outlook and perspective toward that situation as you get older maybe it’s called Maturity Haha I can hear Matty and Sandra Laughing but yea, I look at problems with a bit more ease and think of the best way to go with it or work it out, I all so think it’s just another obstacle, dilemma or pickle I have to work out, for whatever way or thought on the issue you understand that the true friendship and family you have around you is special and life is pretty good not too bad.

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones that accept you for who you are and what you are. The ones who would do anything and be there just to see ya smile, it’s the ones that want to and are happy to see you ok no matter what.

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