There Are So Many Things – That Will Never Stop !

There are so many things we can stop in life and there are so many we cant stop, for me age is one Lol – but now i have many more that can’t be stoped that have been manufactured by lies, deceit, or manipulation from the government to exploit, control, or otherwise influence others to ones advantage.

The ingredients for this is Covid – 19… every day we hear how many have caught the virus and how many are hospitalised, with what we are allowed to do and what we aren’t allowed with the ads of reminders on the rules and regulations that are shoved in our faces everyday.

As i have been told so many times it’s to protect you when you catch Covid19 not stop you from getting it but you will get it, if you were protected that would be called a real Vaccination Haha now that cant happen as how do we keep society on a string, with the critics putting down the un-vaccinated Lol.

We will never get on top of it or completely stop it as the government are pushing for more injections, and by the rules and regulations are controlling us in so many ways, now the new word of the world another Covid Virus is emerging through society Omicron Ba-4 and Ba-5 and spreading through out the world, with winter coming upon us we should be into – Omicron Ba – 15 .

Just to finish our government have up with a great incentive for parents with taking their kids out on the holidays – At the Zoo, Aqua Aquarium and Lake Nationality our three biggest attractions for the holidays – have bus out the front if you get your kids vaccinated there and then they get into the outings for free Lol, thats so bad it’s nearly laughable.

This is what we can not stop is the push to make sure we have no Choice in following protocol to make sure you are protected, but it’s the mind set and manipulation put upon the vulnerable and the believers which is their Choice of the push with every way they can with society. As much id like to think and hope that this will end soon i believe it’s here for so many years to come, not just here but through out the world, as i hear that England have gone back into full mask, so it’s one of many we will never stop as long the power to be keep dictating us.

I never thought id say this but to be honest what a mixed up world we live in with natural disasters, wars, or Manipulation on society, i feel for the younger generation as from what i see it wont improve.

#Way Of Life…

I am told i must learn to live with it – it’s not the learning so much as we all learn new ways in life – it’s the morals and choices i feel are getting taken away from me and my kids that i cant learn to live with.

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