It’s Happening… Didn’t Think It Would… Embarrassed Would Be The Key…

If Someone Dosen’t Appreciate Your Presence Make Them Appreciate Your Absence.

As we know in many places and with many businesses, families, and individuals the Covid19 and the government with their pathetic rules and regulations have destroyed and made life very hard for many throughout society.

Well, I now have a taste of the family side of this, my daughter and I made arrangements to go and see my parents with the grandkids for Easter. As the night went on I received a call from mum to say that her dad and the sisters don’t want my daughter and her kids near their houses because they are un-vaccinated.

I say this caught me really off the guard in a lot of ways, I actually thought that my parents had good morals but I was so wrong, as I love my kids and the grandkids being a very loyal and dad that wants to see the best for them, but all so will go with the kids if I feel they been unjustified in life.

I asked mum the question how do you go when you are shopping or out for your regular coffees everyone walking through the shopping centre is vaccinated. And this is the contradiction not only my parents but so many depraved slow-moving people have in common, they are so against un-vaccinated they are prepared to lose family & friends but go shopping and out mingling with society on an everyday thing.

With the subject of this, our government has turned so many people with the way they think and are prepared to lose a big part of their lives being family and friends, with the media have really scared people with the Covid19 ticks not to mention the amount of business that has walked away and closed their doors., it’s a shame that this is happening and will only get worse as now you aren’t fully vaccinated until you have the booster with the push for a fourth injection coming into perception and rules being brought in at the end of the month.

Well mum and dad it will be a long time before I or the kids walk onto your mat as I’m not getting the booster or fourth and the kids will not get the one. My daughter has strong beliefs about the wrongs of the injections and refuses to get the kids, She and her husband vaccinated have my full support with their – Choice decision.

My family, daughter with her family have made a – Choice. Wright or wrong there will be many – Changes And there will be by every -Chance of the events in the absence of many, days we will not be a part of it.


It’s sad to think about what’s happening with things but now it’s very much so a part of life for so many in society with today’s living.

#Way Of Life…

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