What Is The Purpose Of Life ?

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Do you ever ask yourself why am I here ? or what is my purpose in life? When we look at it… well from my point of view… most of my life has been up and down… bad and good… positives and negatives… poor, medium, never rich Lol… happiness and sadness… short period of love in life a very long period of no love… friendship and loneliness… most of my life I have worked except I have found as I have got older its been very up and down, so id says my life has been up, then down, sideways quick turns quick stops, been really good as a person living an average life id call it, but all so have had the times where you ask the question what is going on in my life.

Some believe that the purpose of life is to prepare to become the children of God, I do believe that there is a meaning to that in some ways. It is said as a child growing into an adult your map and set your life upon the path of your journey of life. It can be said that our pathways are set when we are born and that journey is in front of us to create the best we can with our life. There is the philosophy that the purpose of life is an endless journey of finding, getting lost, discovering, wondering, wandering, direction, effort, achievements, failures put that all together we have created our lives.

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So with this in-depth question that I asked myself what is the purpose of my life ?… Now I would be the most honest and critical person when it comes to my life how I feel and what I have achieved on my path. I don’t look at it as a failure I look at how hard I’ve worked over the years, how I have given so much to all ages of society with sports, with the younger ones for a period of their time a belief, goals, rewards of achievements, and as in life the good the bad, up and down with playing sports, that is with the life you have to work hard to achieve your dreams and goals with both, some made a very good life out of it but most were there to be with their friends and because they enjoyed playing sports and being healthy. I also have helped the young and old who were livening on the streets been there for family and friends when needed, I don’t know but it felt good in helping in some small way with someone that needs help.

I was in a relationship for twenty years and been on my own for 23, but what come out of this for me was two great kids a son and daughter I’m so proud to be their dad. My daughter had two of her own and again I’m so proud to be their pop and love being a pop. With my kids I have had a lot to do with them as I was a single dad for many years, so like any parent you teach, suggest, advise, or disagree, to help them with their direction on the path of life.

For me now my kids and I have a great relationship and I’m enjoying being a part of my daughter’s kids watching them grow and every now and then have a small input not much as you don’t muck around with a mother’s kids lol. Even though I’m in my early sixties I’m always looking at how I can improve it a little bit or go another direction in life, but more than anything to be a great dad, a fantastic pop, and a genuinely a good person in life. I can say I would like to be at another level in life but I also understand where I am and it’s not too bad compared to some people around the world. As for my purpose in life, I’m not really sure maybe it was to be a good dad, good pop just a genuinely good person, for whatever reason I try to make the best of what I have and look at to make it that little bit better all the time, I believe you can not just sit on what you have in life without trying to improve it in some way.

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