The Health System – Is A Joke – But Not The Staff That Work It.

two female nurses talking with facemasks on

Yes what we see and hear with the health system and what the government plan to do is a joke that makes you think – why are we closing all elective surgery, and you don’t get looked at all unless you are a category two going into a one. My surgeon explained they had seven names in front of them their job was to work in order on which patient was important or critical to be placed in order with surgery, I was number two they felt that my hip was critical with more so the mental side of me as I wasn’t coping with the length of time that I was in with no movement and the pain that I was enduring with it. I need to say I was one of the lucky ones and I know that some will be waiting to be operated on for up to three years with surgery, the hospitals are more prepared for Covid19, at the moment we have 22 cases that are being hospitalised but not critical, Midland had two when I was there Hahaha Mmm makes ya think not as much as the staff do but, they just do what there told to with the minster of health.

The staff at Midland from the receptionist, tea lady, cleaner, surgeons and everyone that is involved with the operation were so good and so helpful but really cared for you and did this in a very professional manner. I have to say that the nursing staff were unbelievable as they are the ones that take over when you are put into the ward with everything. If anyone doesn’t understand the workload they are under and the responsibility to get you back to good health is a major part of your recovery, I’m dumbfounded that people have something to say when nursing conditions are brought up on the news, they have every right to ask for more money and better conditions every right too, it was an eye-opener to see the workload every nurse had on the floor, the way they worked with their system and no request you made was a problem if anything they enjoyed seeing you relieved or just a small smile it wasn’t a choir, it was them making sure they could help you, with me the first two days it was trying to keep the pain to where I could feel as comfortable as I could with the intense pain I was enduring at the time.

I get so frustrated and annoyed when we see the minster for health and government representatives say they are making changes for the better with health, if you want to make it better look after the staff that matter and deal with real people’s lives to help them for better health, so instead of fucking it up to fix it up, number one issue you are concerned the amount of people that are pulling out of private health is maybe just maybe it’s so expensive is one point, and what you get for paying a huge amount of dollars in return is not worth one cent of it as you need to fight the system that your outlaying money into with the system. I know we apparently have one of the better health systems throughout the world yes we do if you can afford to pay top dollar for health, and id says we would have if the people and the bureaucrats that make decisions make it a better system, make the right ones that help people of all ages and levels of life not by making it harder because your at the poor man’s scale of wages. To all that are involved and working in hospitals you are doing such a great job and I know there are many like me that appreciate what you do in so many ways.

Thank You.

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