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Third Day…One Step Back.

Truth is like surgery, It hurts but cures. Lie is like a pain killer, It gives instant relief. But has side effects forever.


As the surgeon explained to me why I have so much pain which all makes sense it is only into the third day of surgery, as the doc said look at it This way Paul, When life puts you in a tough situations, don’t say why me… Just say try me. I looked at him as WTF but saw his words of wisdom’s and the end of the day we are being tried for any size of after surgery that we may occur through life.

I had no idea that you could donate your off cuts with hips – knees – shoulders, I knew of blood donors and organ donors, a company by the name of PlusLife asked me to do so. After the operation the off cuts get tested, pressure cleaned, and put into quarantined for seven months, at the end of that period I have to have blood test to see if I have picked up HIV or of any diseases at that level. In the interest of between pain I was told that they could get three vertebrates out of those off cuts, I felt really good that I could do that donate with helping someone out through life all so I found it interesting that this done and what a great thing to do.

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