One Direction – Forward

Day two of recovery, had a shocker of a night had a lot of pain in the top part of the operation – the nurses we’re really good the pain killers were strong witch created a strong kick to them, it helped by adding the ice blanket . This operation is the biggest one I’ve ever had – it went for around two an half hours, it’s the recovery that follows which is very demanding in getting the hip joint moving with out putting it out.

A great way to heal is eating the right food an I’m certainly doing that lol.

With the hospital it’s self the staff are very efficient and go through every procedure throughly with the medication and test that need doing every few hours. First night in recovery I was made to stand up next to the bed, wow such a simple request just about killed me, the pain was so intense I could feel my body change colour with an instant flood of sweat, that was a hit of pain I never felt before and one that I don’t want again Lol.

First walk on the Wednesday morning.

The Phiso had me up around 9am working on which was better the stand or crutches, in going with the right tools the short walks and exercises commence. I’m finding rehab interesting and one that you need to do every thing they ask and the way they want you to work, you also need to adjust to the pain that comes with it, take your time with movements and get them right is a key to recovery, you can push the programme a bit but not over the top, as the surgeon said this morning if you over push it can pop out of the socket with in the first month.

The ice machine that operates in with the blanket rapidly around the operation.

The ice recovery machine was interesting, as you see fill it with ice and a round two inches of water. There is a hose that runs of attached to a special blanket which is designed to wrap around the leg with the slight vibration built in we’re it gently Massarge’s and cold pack your leg, doesn’t heal the leg but certainly takes some pressure and offers a bit of relief.

It’s funny you know you do everything they ask and do it so the program helps your recovery, so my reward with heaps of pain and swelling to be sent home lol … they feel I’m wright to go home for the recovery, but ill have a Phiso and nurse come to the house every second day to make sure it’s all going well.

Keep going forward and work with it for the next six to eight weeks n knowing your hip will be 100% and back up North working, have something worth working towards which is a bonus knowing I have a position waiting for me.

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