What Are The Limitations To Pain With The Human Body… How Does The Mind Control The Pain Barrier.

It’s a question that would be asked in a science class or human biology, and one that I have asked myself today my limit of pain to get back to life, in living normal. I can’t get around this question as it’s requested by the surgeon to stand, take two steps, sit, back on your bed.

For this procedure of the opt they give you an epidural in the spine to numb you from just above the hip down, and that it does I was like a massive walrus stuck on the foreshore, my leges were not going any where at any time.

Pain tolerance is the maximum amount of pain a person can withstand, there’s a threshold where pain just becomes to much to withstand and I’m looking for medical assistance straight away. There are ways of pushing the tolerance with the combination of pain which are ways to increase pain through, yoga, Pilates are a few programs that can work within the mind.

The epidural lasted around six hours, and started to wear of in the return of very true mind – with how much can I persevere – As there pumping morphine into me the pain was at a very high level of intensity, I haven’t been at level where your mind is working on four or five different-scenario at rapid pace to get around this very intense, sharp, no holding back of Pain.

I’m not one who believes that he’s a tough man, and have the willingness to turn my mind with being able,to conquering many out of stream programs with the body.

Yea I understand the meaning of pain – and especially more so after the last 24 hours, not through being arrogant or rude towards it. This was a reall wake-up with pushing the limit of pain… but one that earned great respect hahaha. With this the learning of how to balance the mind when it goes in different directions really quick and fast, as if it was looking for an alternative in fixing the size and directions the pain was coming in, it was very different as I had never injured that tense and hard hitting pain before, very difficult with working out how to place the body to slow it down, that would be something that I’d never want to experience every day but it was such a learning one at that very much so, on how powerful the mind is and what it does to get through situation that you would not be happening with every day living.

Just to finish up – as a young guy going into manhood and then matured into the man I am ( I can hear Matty & Sandra laughing ) I certainly didn’t mind with the party drugs just the mull and odd trip, a bit of coke and a touch of speed Hahaha just the usual hahah, haven’t touched them in years and I mean years, with that I’m on some really power plus pain killers and morphine Hahaha To say there not helping I’d be lying Lol there helping so much in so many ways Lol.

Today there getting me out of bed to start sitting an walking, they start it straight away as this is the procedure to get the leg an muscles moving in bring back the balance, timing, an confidence, I’ve just had my tablets so it should be an interesting session, with sister morphine an me Lol.

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