Twelve Months, At Last Hip Operation Tuesday.

It’s been a long time coming, Finally I go in for the operation on Tuesday should be under the knife around 9 am, I am looking forward to it but I have to say I’m really nervous because it’s the biggest operation of the my life it will be good as i’ll be walking normally in 6 to 8 weeks that’ll be good just to get out of bed and sit, drive,walk normally will be excellent without pain.

Because of the COVID-19 – and the restrictions everything is done by phone so the last three days I’ve been on the phone to the surgeon the nurses physio and everyone else involved in the operation. I didn’t know, at Midland hospital you get a private room which is good I like that idea being in the room by myself.

On Thursday I had to go and get Covid tested, swabs, blood test, urine test just to make sure that I’m bug free and I’m not carrying anything. I was given a bag of goodies and in that was six packs of Surgisponge, for when you have a shower they are full of medication and anaesthetics, you actually get wet first and then run the sponge all over your body, let it dry for a minute and then wash it off, I have to admit I’ve had four showers with it and it makes your body feel really fresh and really good with the smell of freshness on your body.

I was told very thoroughly by the nurses wrap yourself up in Cottonwool don’t get any bugs don’t get any cuts just relax, and I’m certainly doing that if anything goes between now an Tuesday and I don’t get operated on I’ll be waiting another 6 to 12 months so believe me I am just wrapping myself up in Cottonwool.

It’s funny you know the pain that I am getting every day every night just doesn’t matter at the moment knowing that Tuesday onwards everything will be on the turn looking forward to the operation but really nervous Lol.

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