It’s Hard To Keep Away From this Subject, but really.

Yes, the dreaded conversation with that Mmm thing called Covid19 hates it with a passion but really it doesn’t end because of what is put in front of us every day. We have dramatic changes coming in on the first of April with the health regulations with work and just everyday living.

The first of this you have to be ( up to date ) joke… with 2 plus booster, now all ready companies are laying down the law with dates to be fully vaccinated before the end of this month, my son has been told to be vaxed by the twenty-second, my brother the twenty-ninth and some friends the seventeen ninth or you will be given notice. I have to say this is not bullying by any means of the dictionary or discrimination at all, now my brother was saying his struggling with his right arm in lifting, normal movement and he is worried about getting the booster which I understand, my son does not want to get it at all he’s had his two but no third no job, I feel for both of them to be put into this position especially when it’s family.

Understanding with the new regulations will the same rules apply to the un-vaxed if you arent there are a lot of premises and businesses you can not enter, so if you only have two does that apply to them if so there will be a lot of businesses affected and find it really hard to operate. I sort of feel if the fourth comes in which they are pushing and the companies go with the same legislation where does that put our once-thriving economy.

I’m not one for defeat but I can not see the WA government stoping with this for some time and especially if the new legislation comes in on the first of April it’s going to be a long road ahead for so many of us and one we certainly don’t deserve to be on, this is affecting so many people in so many ways and yet there is a lot that is happy with being told don’t worry with what you want to choose with your life just do it, all so there are a lot of people of all ages that have had a bad reaction to the jabs – It’s a subject that will be around for some time and especially when the brother, sister, aunt, uncle of covid -19 come into society as there seems to be a new virus every six months or so. The question is when does this end? Answer – Only the Government, Health Minister – and Professional professors that have an answer for everything would know, as for us normal people we just keep pushing the cases on to deaf ears and hope this finishes sooner than later.

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