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Today’s marketing with work and positions available has flourished with the opportunity to work from home in the surroundings of your own comfort. The interesting thing is if you have experience with fields of entering data programs, computer technician, good Pr with people on the phone and many other positions that are made to be available.

Now to keep the mind active I look up every day and have applied for different positions that have been advertised. I have found with a lot of these positions are part-time with hours from 10 to 20 a week and there is a lot that offers full time with many benefits available and resources with the position. The hourly rate can vary from 15 dollars to 35 dollars an hour depending on your experience and the positions that you apply for.

The best way to find these positions are online and a good way to see and learn about them is through Utube, the ones that are ligament are – Judd Albring – Karson Gaule – and Work Home Roam which is mainly for women but she is very thorough with the work as they are all very good explaining the work required, now we have to keep in mind that a lot of them are America only but there is a lot that is worldwide.

This might be not for everyone but there are chances to be taken, no harm in looking I find it interesting and yes by following up with a few there is work available and yes it’s a massive market with homework and only building up every month I have two companies that are very interested in the credentials that I have, one is 20 hours a week and one is full time with full training for three weeks with full pay which is pretty good and the training is at home lol like that idea, still waiting for the magic call but have had the two phone interviews.

The bottom line is if you are out of work and wants some work it’s there but really do your homework by following up with checking the company out thoroughly and like anything these days I have learnt to take your time I’ve been on this for over five weeks and still looking Haha.

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