Monday…The Need Of Planning Ahead.

The weekend is over, but I must admit when you don’t work every day feels the same except it has a different name to it and there are seven to the week Lol. I like to try and map the week out, what is needed doing, what bills I need to work on, how I can be productive and what I can learn for the week. With the operation being 10 to 12 weeks away providing everything stays the same with Covid-19, and then the rehab 6 to 8 weeks I’d say five months ahead before I’m back on my feet, so I really need to look ahead and be proactive in going forward.

If anything keeping the mind active is the most important one for me, it keeps the hard thinking of depression down, so I have a few courses that will keep stimulating the mind with working towards a goal. I have got into the course with WordPress into learning and more with the art of blogging, setting up the shop on selling stunning captures of landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, and learning to write my first book.

It’s interesting in life when you are down and out, of ways at looking to get up and move forward, the key is don’t sit and mope poor me, why me, I don’t deserve this, you most probably don’t but it’s happening and I need to make this better even if it is small steps in going forward. I know I have a challenge ahead of me but the only way it’s going to improve is by Me no one else but Me. So I make calls to spread my bills out Haha done this a few times, look at the cheapest and easiest way with improving the position I’m in, with everyday living so I look at the grocery specials for the week, and only get what I really need, cut out what I don’t need, shop smarter than usall.

For some of us, life is not meant to be easy it creates challenges that could need to be worked on, but that’s Ok makes it more interesting and if you get through the hard times it makes you feel good and we have learnt another experience of life. For me, I need to plan to look ahead, see where I can improve, and try to learn something every day, the hardest thing is to stay motivated, be positive, create the better you, understand what is needed to be done, one step at a time, enjoy every step forward, do it with a smile, my plan for the week and months ahead keep going forward even If there are hurdles in front of you, enjoy the people around you don’t make your problem theirs, Mmm my granddaughter is coming into the room it must be time to watch Shrek Haha.

#Way Of Life…

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