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Disgusted – Wa police speak out against vaccine mandates in controversial survey.

WA police officers claim they have been bullied, into getting vaccinated, while describing morale as dangerously low due to Covid-19 enforcement. The comments were made anonymously in response to an unofficial survey bout the WA police vaccine mandate.

Well, I would hate to break it to the reporter that wrote this article, I might be wrong but I believe just the normal everyday citizen that the police look after and protect are In the same boat. If I’m wrong but people have lost their businesses, families are fighting over not being ( up to date ) friendships lost, loss of income and work, morale on the street isn’t booming, people feel they are being bullied, and as from the first of April, restrictions will be enforced for those who have had only been double vaxed and no booster because we are down on booster shots.

I do feel for the police, nurses, doctors, fire brigade, ambulance drivers and everyone that has been put into a position either get up to date with all three vaccinated shots that are required to keep working to earn an income, but the question is asked if it is required from the first of April in the mandates that three is the requirement there will be a lot more lose their positions in all fields and more businesses close the doors as we wont be allowed to enter the premises.

From what I can gather it will be harder in so many ways to live a normal life as now we have the Son of Omicron has emerged and is posing a new threat, NSW alone has revealed 13,093 new cases this week alone… Does this mean we are into six different Covid-19 this one is called BA.2 Which is gaining ground in many places worldwide, I would say we will need at least 6 vaccinations and three boosters by Christmas this year, ( I hate sarcasm ) but the question is when does this all stop? or does it? You have to ask. In WA I don’t think it will Lol.

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