Can It Be Said?

It’s Friday. I’m alive. I’m breathing. I’m living. I’m blessed. Life Is Ok.

I say that with the thought that yes It’s another day and I feel ok for it, yes still in the same situation with hip and pain but not at a downer level, It’s like most things In life You just do it and learn to live with the good and the bad of the challenges with every day that’s put in front of you.

Be grateful for today and never take anything for granted. As life can change at a drop of a hat, allways remember That.


For some of us, life might the same every day, the same job, the same routine, been married for thirty years which is very rare these days Lol… but it’s their life. We all have different ways of living life and the way It’s projected with us and we all understand our way of living or as young people are still working on which path is the right one for them. I have chosen a lot of paths some have worked some haven’t, now I’m working on a path that’s going to get me through the next phase of my life, Haha I think that might be called the older part of life where you work towards the future of slowing down and enjoy life with a different, mature, Mmm I should be by now you would think Lol, I have a few challenges ahead of me with the health situation but one that can be for the better for me.

When You wake everyday dont just look at it as this is just another day. As everyday is a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning, embrace it and enjoy it.

Can I say that’s the way I look at it every day, that I have to say it doesn’t all ways work like that for me to be honest a lot of times it does not go as planned but I feel you have to see a projective when I wake up, the great thing that helps is seeing the grandkids first thing in the morning with my daughter and her husband chatting away with a smile, it can be said life is Ok.

#Way Of Life…

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