Just another dAY…Could this be God’s Way?

We are only into the ninth day of the third month of 2022 and if it could be said what a disaster of a year already. As most countries are going through or been through it, or on the tail end of it, but not in WA you have got to have permission to go for a number two Hahaha we are going backwards when it comes to this Covid19. My grandson’s school have put all year six into home quarantine go back tomorrow if no one else contacts Covid Hahaha were only into term 1 and this is just the start he will miss out on a lot of schools this year the way it’s going, and yes it’s mandatory to wear the mask for year three up all day seriously what a joke but that’s the way we are in WA.

As for World disasters which we have every year somewhere throughout the world and Australia have just had one on the Eastcoast that is causing so much heartbreak and devastation to so many country towns that will take them years to rebuild to anywhere where they were before the floods. With more news on it every day the challenges they have with the rebuilding is added with no freshwater, electricity, gas and diseases that occur through the rivers flooding the towns. I really do hope that they get the chance with good weather so they can start the painful cleanup of rebuilding, I have friends I’m keeping in contact with over there and they are doing it hard but are so positive about going forward which is fantastic to have such good moral, as they say, everyone is on the same page.

To top things up on 2022 we have a war over in Urakaine that should not be happening at all, it doesn’t make sense at all of the greed and stupidy what has been created with the population of society in Urakaine with all ages, we have to feel for them what they are going through is not the thing at all for any human to experience at all ages. It’s got to make ya think how much this affecting the world in so many ways – Just In WA fuel has rocketed to $2.30 a litre and they believe it could go as high as three dollars over the next month, so with that everyday living has just kept going up and up – Examples – tomatoes $9.00 a kilo – Grapes 12 dollars a kilo – a piece of steak not much under twenty dollars – just shit mince 8 dollars for 500 gram and it just keeps going upwards – lucky I’m not working and earning any money or I’d be in trouble Lol, got to laugh any way bake beans and 2-minute noodles are still at a good price Lol a lot of people are doing it hard but as usual we all find a way to get through these challenges of life.

.In conversation with so many people about what is happening throughout the world the conversation and subject comes into it – Is this God’s way of saying enough is enough with the way we live and the way the countries are being run – with greed, cruelty towards humans – ruining the Ozone with pollution, expanding too quick to fast with technology – it is certainly an interesting conversation especially when it comes to the Covid 19 is it the way of god in anger at what the world is and has become. The world as of a lot of people believes that this was more barbaric in the early days, to me I only go on what I’m experiencing in my 63 years and with the belief that we are going downhill and expanding when it comes to crime, drugs, pollution, cruelty towards humans, and government greed and lies in most countries of the world. What I have noticed is we are worse and seems to be more sinning towards god as time goes on, we don’t have the Christian commercials on tv anymore or the support of the salvation army like we use to, it’s hardly mentioned in some schools like it used to be we seem to go further away from the practice of Christianity and God and the belief with most religion that goes on in the world.

#Way Of Life…

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