when life challenges you…does it change you?

I will be wrong if I was to say no it doesn’t as it does – some of us it can be something very stressful it could hit hard in some ways. For me, I have had so many challenges not life or death but ones that really challenge you in life, and yes it does change you in some ways, you working on trying to get through it from all angels – depression is a big one it can make you moody, un-talkative, stay behind closed doors, worry with the smallest situations that you can make bigger than Ben Hur.

Since early October 2021, I have been out of work through a breakdown developed with the hip, now this took from January till November to find what the problem was – 7 MRIs, 5 Ultrasounds, 3 Nuclear test scans, 4 exrays, and we found the problem ( you need a full hip replacement ) Haha. With this problem as it gets worse through breaking down with 7 x 24 all ways in pain on whatever movement you make or position of sitting or standing, my depression was a fight or is a fight as I get my days, for me no work no money, and a very uncomfortable way of living.

I don’t know if I’m right or wrong but I kept believing it will get better and it’s not going to be around forever, and the key is to be on top of it with following up every test or doctor’s appointment. I had an appointment with the specialist last Thursday first one in over four months. To say I wasn’t nervous and worried about it would be an understatement Lol, Now with my movement, I need to use crutches and it’s the slow movement Haha got to laugh.

The specialist or should I say both of them were so good I would have been in there for over an hour they were very thorough and asked a lot of questions but showed real concern for me. The question is, why I was so worried well In WA only elective surgery is getting done through the Covid19 being the main concern, so you have to be graded at level 2 or extreme a 1 the surgeons had the say if you were operated or not.

At the end of the appointment, I hopped out with a smile and a bit of relief as I’m the first operation that they have booked in the last three weeks of consultations. I’m looking at eight to twelve weeks and then go into major surgery, the doctor explained that most patients have been told 12 to 18 months before surgery, so I’d say as much as it’s not doing me good but through a complete breakdown with my hip, as the surgeons both said there is nothing left and they have no choice but to operate.

Now providing that Covid doesn’t take over the state I’m looking at 10 to 12 weeks to be operated on which is so good and a relief body wise but more mentally than anything which is good, I’m one of the lucky ones and so thankful and grateful for it In so many ways, I understand there are so many people that are not in a good way and need attention, but I have been in this situation for 15 months with each one getting harder and harder with each day. Yes, my mental stress has lifted as I only have no job any money to worry about now Lol, still have the pain but know it’s not too much longer.

It’s not the fix of everything but when life challenges are thrown at you In a big way, try to look at everyone can be fixed it takes time and belief that eventually you will get on top of it ready for the next one in life. Whoever Said Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Easy – Was not wrong with that one at all Lol.

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