forced – involuntary – required – compulsory – compel – what do we call it ?..

As I sit debating on the second shot but knowing if I don’t I could be pushed down the ladder and wait up to two years for my hip operation, with the thought of that I hear the news today as from the end of March a third shot is required as it is said ( up to date ) so now three and booster, and then you will be fully Up To Date.

Look when you are in a different area of life the mind is all over the place you think of different scenarios, situations, life subjects, I have a fair bit on my plate at the moment, in getting work, id say as a slight influent pension Lol, I then have finances to work out that’s a big stress on its own.

There is one question I do ask myself a fair bit – Would you call the vaccinations upon us – Forced, that’s a strong word but if don’t get Up To Date there is a few things that I’m not allowed to do or be a part off, would you call it Involuntary done against someone’s will, Or Is it compulsory which is required by law or a rule brought in by the Government – And then there are people of all ages that have made it their Choice to be vaccinated their choice.

I personally feel that I’m being forced to get Up To Date with the vaccinations or life Is going to be really hard for a while, Mmm a long time – But it’s funny I don’t want to put Heroine, Crack, or Meth In my body because I know it can cause problems mentally and physically, so guess what I don’t do it. So how does this work that I’m required to do so, required or face harsh penalties, It funny but all my life my parents never forced for me to put anything in my body if I didn’t want to and even now they say your choice but would rather see me get vaccinated.

I know right or wrong if we’re to look at this scenario in a different way the meaning of being vaccinated – is it your Choice Can be, Is it voluntary again your Choice… Would we call it Compulsory Yes we would, Is it required to be vaccinated yes it is very much so… I have been told this is life get on with it we all need to do so in being vaccinated. Our Government and the Health systems are saying If you are not Up To Date there will be a list of facilities, department stores and outlets that we can not use as every day, living will be harder. But we are not forced, required or it’s compulsory to do so Haha this indicates to me and clear, that our Government tells me what I put into my body like it or not and what I can and can’t do if I don’t.

I have until Tuesday before the second jab, and as the hospital just said they can’t tell me to do so because that would be discrimination but suggest strongly it would help. Sometimes we have to do what we really don’t like, to get to where we need to be in life, this is one of those times.

#Way Of Life…


One Reply to “forced – involuntary – required – compulsory – compel – what do we call it ?..”

  1. For me the question is – do I want to live? So I choose NO JAB. There’s plenty of evidence, suppressed by the media, that the toxins inserted result in declining health, at the very least. These are DARK TIMES, and each must choose the path to take, and be willing to deal with the consequences of either path. Good luck!


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