What is the definition of bullying & discrimination?

As a young person going through work as of many, we fought for rights at work as discrimination, bullying, racism, equal right and conditions for women and men. Well From a governments point of view and legislation… If you are not vaccinated you are forced from the workforce, you can not go to restaurants or coffee shops, if you aren’t vaccinated no gyms, no movies, no theatres, no hospital if you are visiting family or friends, maybe no operation, if you aren’t vaccinated no haircut, no concerts, no sports events, if you are not vaccinated you will miss out on everyday living, with the government trying everything in not having a saying with covid19 on social media, and making marches very hard on having a voice.

This is the definition of Bullying… seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone as perceived as vulnerable. Discrimination is the act of making unjustified distinctions between people based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they belong or are perceived to belong.

Now if we are to go to (Humanrights.gov.au ) The Australian Governments Policy is that Covid-19 vaccinations are voluntary for MOST AUSTRALIANS, although the aim is to have as many people as possible choose ( choose ) to be vaccinated. Public health orders, vaccinations for certain industries or workers, aged care, health care, education, care providers, and airport workers.

This changed within months where everyone, off the workforce are being ordered to get the vaccination or you are not welcome in the workforce no matter age, nationality or beliefs. Now before Covid19 come in, if any company had said that we can’t hire you because of your age, nationality or beliefs this would be classed as discrimination, act and would end up within the equal opportunity commission or the federal court depending on the complexity of the case.

With the government, there are no equal rights, no discrimination, and no bullying when it comes down to their laws of being vaccinated or unvaccinated with the attitude if you are not vaccinated you will miss out on everyday living. I know the argument is by the government and vaccinated that they are keeping society safe, not that we don’t have a mind, or say, do not use your choices in life, don’t look at the repercussions that the vaccine could create, don’t think about it at all just do it get vaccinated.

As an Australian, I’m so glad that this is not classed as Bullying, Discrimination or Racist, we are so lucky we have a government that threw all rules and regulations out the window when it comes to Covid19 Lol.

#WayOf Life.

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