This tops the cake…

Politicians, suspended from WA parliament for not providing vaccinations status. If the politicians don’t provide their vaccination status they will face being suspended from Parliament. This creates no argument at all for vaccinated and unvaccinated. The move was put forward as for the worry of catching Omicron because it can spread at a rapid pace… really when we look at it this provides a no vote argument for unvaccinated. Starting from tomorrow the sanctions on unvaccinated will be taken to a higher level with schools, hospitals, retail, restaurants. But we did lift it from the most important thing in society ( liquor stores ) most stores were going down through it and I understand in some ways, it just seems funny the one ban that is lifted liquor stores a lot of people were happy with the lift. So as the weeks go on the rules get harder with not making any sense at all with the problems it’s causing through society, but the government believe they are making WA a better and safer place (It’s a shame they don’t open their eyes to see what is really being done ).

#Way Of Life…


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