Dear Week I’m so over you…

I don’t feel we have progressed too far when comes to the Covid19 as in society or as residents of Perth, with more rules being coerced with the hospital system. As of Monday the 21st of February when arriving at the entrance to the hospital you will be applied for proof of vaccination, or now the political term is ( not up to date ) once you go through that procedure you then need to have a ( rapid antigen self-test ) wait for 15 minutes for results to come through with the doctor being notified of your results, ( then if you are clear he will see you ).

I think one of the biggest problems we are facing as a society is the rapid problem that this is putting on relationships, families, and friends those for the vaccinations and those who are against them, it’s a topic that keeps rearing up in the house and creating very heated disagreements, which is putting a lot of strain within the family dwelling which is causing separation from family and friends. Even on the streets, it’s not a subject you bring up as it can get heated very quickly, as you walk around and feel the atmosphere which is pretty discouraging.

This is the regular signage through most retail stores, pharmacist outlets, liquor stores, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, any government provider, and much more, with most of the managers or owners being really nasty if you try to enter some go into an outrageous fit Lol… to solve the problem of that one is keep away, through that the store or shop is named and shamed on FB or Instagram, it’s like being black banned… It’s a hard one as most owners and managers don’t want to get a $50.000 dollar fine or a small amount are just making sure that rules are rules Mmm. For whatever reason, this is dividing a state, society, relationships, friends, and family, even the younger generation have their feeling and saying with this. This needs to be resolved or improved it’s only going to get worse we need to find a solution, and the government need to change the way they see our society of all ages the correct political term now is ( not up to date ) to turn this around and get peoples lives, and living standards on better terms and knowing we are improving every area of life.

I saw a sticker on a window the other day, which quoted.

Please Government Take Notice ! Stop Fucking This Country, Lets Rebuild This Country.

Pretty straight forward and honest we need to start rebuilding this country in so many ways for all ages and groups with society, but more so for the next lot of generations coming through the next years with life.

#Way Of Life…

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