Ways around the dark side…

One way I find on working with my depression or as I call it the Dark Side Of Life, Mmm not trying too big note myself I have a few things that some days help and some Mmm got to try. Cooking I find helps out not that I cook all day but it helps in the evening and ill go to IGA do the shopping I need for the meal, with that I take my time and do what I call cruise control. What I’m learning now is planning my meals and what I eat or if You have the metabolism I have One smell of a pizza 2 kilos on straight away Lol… I think the key is well for me – work on the body side as well I cant work at the moment so I really trying to watch what I eat or Mmm Moo Here I come Lol.

I have found since I haven’t been working You can get down a lot easier and quicker, so I found through finding an interest or a few can certainly help. At the moment I’m doing a few online courses on learning to write, I do blogs and I’m chasing working from home so a lot of resumes and references are getting done so it keeps the mind occupied and gives you the initiative to go forward. The most important have good people around you doesn’t have to be a huge amount just a few that support and work with you, for me it’s the grandkids and my kids that are good fun to have around not all ways 100 % but supportive most times, set goals, and dream about the good days, walk around with a smile it helps.

Always try to have a good laugh followed through with a smile every day it’s one of the best medicines for depression, and it can lift you when times are hard.

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