Thank F@@k It’s Friday…

I’m so glad it’s Friday have had enough of the system, and the people involved with it, and to be honest, the shit that is going on through the community and Australia. Yesterday to get into the hospital was like getting into the Perth Mint anybody would think I’m there to rob it or do something incredibly wrong. When I was showing my papers and mentioned that I have had only one shot the security guard was called to the table straight away with the stance of dominating me straight away, I stepped back and mentioned let’s settle, he looked like he was ready for battle. After a debate and 20 minutes later I was let through with a stern word, make sure we are up to date on the next visit. All operations have been put back unless you are a category one, so my hip is in the hands of the surgeon in three weeks that is a bit of stress on it’s own His decision is the distance of 2 months or two years, I have been put on crutches to help with moving around, a bit of a change to the system and moving around but all good like I have mentioned before there are people worse than me and all waiting to see if they get their operations sooner or later. To add to the misery is how serious people are taking no vaxed no service, no mask no service with so much nastiness added, if the government wanted to turn society against each other, congratulations a job well done.

Well, it is official as from today we need to have three plus the booster the Prime Minister announced early today with each State Premier making their own decision to mandate it in each state. And then some professor believes and is pushing to get an extra shot when winter comes in, so that will be four, plus booster = five, fuck have they any idea at all and they wonder why we as a nation of people are so confused and really had enough of these ridiculous, ludicrous, comical & farcical decisions that are forced with no choice in the matter at all. I’m not one for whinging or going against systems or laws but with this keep getting pushed upon us getting close to really just going fuck the government… In saying that I’m contradicting myself but the pressure is on if I don’t get that second shot it could cost me my operation, and that will be in doing this to get what I need to get done after that will not get another shot two gets me my operation but hate it with so much passion I’m not happy with this situation into getting better in health.

Tomorrow this country will stage the biggest march ever to be recorded, for the march to drop mandates with unvaccinated for work, living & to be vaccinated. In just getting a new’s update the traffic is up to 80ks long heading into Canberra with over 500 thousand all ready there for tomorrow. Each state will march in every capital city and are expecting huge crowds, with a follow on of what they are calling ( hold the line ) with staying and occupying government grounds until things change with the mandates every state has organized this to take place from the 15th onwards. It’s so good to see that all walks of life nationality with age have had enough of being dictated and told what we have to do, not what choices or decisions we would like to make in our lives as humans.

#Way Of Life…


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