How it is today…

I had my appointment booked yesterday with the physio at Midland hospital. I walked around the corner to a line that went for a while, a guy in blue walked along asking to sign in with our – Safe WA app – and can you have your paperwork ready with your vaccination app ready… Looked at me are you fully vaxed, quiet calmy I said have had one get the second one in two weeks.

My name was taken, with the reply that he will need to let the staff know at the desk of the entrance, got asked a lot of questions, showed my appointment letter, then the guard and two of the staff stepped back with a debate about me, I was told that all my information was put into my file when I came back for the next visit I needed to prove that I have my second one, as I reminded the happy three I’m back next week won’t have my second until the next week, with a not pleasant look of return and a stern reply will take note, meanwhile, had a few people step around me in the glare that your a piece of shit even one said it’s not about me, really felt very uncomfortable and like your a ragtag of society.

Hat to go through it all again with the receptionist at the counter all my information was recorded with the reminder to bring in my proof next visit. The nurse, doctor, and physio were really good and couldn’t do enough to help me out, I had an ultrasound which showed I’m starting to drill a hole into my hip plate Lol Mmm… with that, I’ve been put on to crutches and showed how I needed to walk to keep my structure balanced from the hip down.

When I got back to my house I was welcomed to the news that all elective surgeries are canceled as of today, so with my visit on the 3rd of next month I need the surgeon to put me into category one otherwise I could be waiting for 6 months to three years. What can I say thank you so much to the government of WA for not only organizing, arranging with no choices in life anymore, you could really fuck up my life within the future of work and living, for 22 cases being recorded into weeks. I’m hoping that being put on crutches, and the ultrasound takes it from a category 2 to 1, I’m trying not to but if I was to say I’m not stressed with this id be telling a little lie Mmm all I can do is hope that it goes my way, I’m keeping positive if anything that’s all I can do, and I do know there would be hundreds with the same situation, ill put money on it they the politicians wouldn’t be in the same boat.

#Way Of Life…


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