We as people – are all so different…

Does not matter what age, what nationality, men or women, girls or boys we are all so different in the way we think, personalities, attitude, the way we approach life, our philosophy with life. There is a percentage that is very successful with whatever they touch, then the ones that are living very comfortable, just on the border that with every cent they move, with many today that struggle, to the small percentage that account the streets as their home. For whichever way we live and think we are all within deep thought, contemplating, questioning the system, not sure, asking ourselves, with a large majority very happy, some just go with the system, and some that are not sure at all, with the biggest controversy in years that dreaded word that has created history for all the wrong reasons – Covid19.

It is perceived by many if you are not vaccinated or holding back with the one needle that your establishment with society is on the outer. This has separated businesses, human beings of all ages, families, friends, professionals with science, doctors, government and acquaintances with for it, against it – to be vaccinated – un vaxed.

I look at things and try to understand the reason why I should or shouldn’t, I look up and read the subject, I listen on the subject that I’m not sure on. With my right hip I asked the doctors, surgeons questions many of them at that, and read on small things that could help a bit till the operation with what I need to do after the operation. I have looked at the Covid19 and what it is creating with society. I understand where it is and what it can do if you get it really hard, but I all so understand we are all different and one that makes us very different is our thought and thinking towards being vaccinated.

For a very small majority, it does not matter with decisions that are made by the government or society they are against it full stop not interested at all they defy it. Then there are the ones that are not sure, don’t understand it, or rationally not prepared. We have many that have just gone with it especially when the restrictions come out, keep their jobs to be able to keep with their commitments, and do the social things of life, there are people that can not be vaccinated through health reasons, I know my ex can’t because she has very weak lungs and it could cause more problems to her health she is one of thousand’s with an issue with health.

For whatever there reason we have to understand that everyone is so different with their reasons, thoughts or medical on the vaccination, but we shouldn’t put them down or separate from society and create feuds with family and friends. To me, I see how people think with Covid19 and being vaccinated and understand we are all different with our choices, morals, and what we believe is the right choice for you. If people agree or disagree or want to, don’t want to, It’s because we are all so different and we need to except peoples decisions if they are truly for the right reasons.

#Way Of Life…

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