Doctors The Way It Is…

Im at my local doctors surgery with 34 other people, we’re all sitting here with the magic mask on, if I’ll say anything it’s so dark an gloomy, even with our faces covered the eyes tell the story truly do.

I know being at the doctors is not one of happiness your there for a reason you’re feeling down your not well.

Now usually there is a bit a chatting around the waiting room, nothing so quiet. So with out being the obvious and being scrutinised for being a sicko, I just browsed around the room unconscious off course lol.

I’ve learnt over the years through coaching and seminars reading of body language, the eyes tell a story on there own, and what I see is sadness, puzzled, deep thinking, some I’d say would be depressing, for what ever reason they aren’t glowing with happiness.

If this is said it’s not affecting people with their health that would be the biggest understatement, I’d say it is in more ways than none, We have such a long way to go in so many ways of life.

#Way Of Life…

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