Managing Your Shady Days

We all find a time when things might not go the way we want or the way we think they should go. Through many years of life, I’ve had a few weeks, months even the odd year of moments that might not be in my favour where I have to work really hard personally to turn them around for the better.

With these challenges that are in front of you, it’s the way we manage them in helping to rotate the situation. I’ve been through many obstacles as I call them, some I created than the one’s that are established for you which is out of your hands. I remember when I was 57 and had been with a company for over 14 years when the boss was handing me your a great guy see ya later letter, telling me this could be a great chance for you, Mmm I don’t remember asking for this chance Haha as I was going into 18 months of no work, applying for over 300 positions to do anything, asking food bank, salvation army, friends and family for assistance, the word’s a great chance for you would bounce around in the head.

I’m no one with the right answers to these situations that can turn your mind into very shady days… I just kept believing this can’t last forever and there are people worse off than me, but if I was to say that it wasn’t hard id be lying, there can be some really bad days, you have to build a circle of the right people around you it doesn’t have to be a big one at that, I’d say I only had a few that really supported me.

The word ( true ) is a word that can be shown when life can be difficult for you as it was then I saw it more, but that is life, back in the eighties and 90-S everyone was there to support you, these days as we find everything changes with every decade the disappearing act is easier than coming forward.

Like many of us around the world come the dreaded Covid19 which threw a spanner in the clog for all of us from the young to old, with hardship, loss of loved ones, family & friendships departing, respect and attitude not in the dictionary anymore, the mental strain with many upon them. Some of us get more challenges put in front of us, for me looking at the position as a FIFO that I haven’t done for five months through a medical situation that occurred in needing a full hip replacement, this creation is putting some strain on me with depression coming back into life.

This creates very little movement with walking, sleeping, sitting, bending over, walking upstairs just does not happen, where’s the lift Haha. I have been with this for around 12 months but each month is getting worse and making it harder to move, as the doctor said I’m bone on bone or as he said chalk rubbing chalk Mmm fat board…Haha. But the mental side is taking its toll, on me like I don’t want to go to bed, don’t want to get out of bed, the concentration as I walk with each step, cautious with the driving, the thought of going out does not come into the mind at all just so uncomfortable, and I don’t like the way I walk in front of people at all.

I know there are a lot of people worse off than me, some we’re there life is very difficult and might be shortened through sickness, but I have to worry the way I am how to cope with this scenario of other problems that come with it, with creating a very tight budget, watching what I eat closely as it’s easy to put on weight through not much exercising, very gentle movement as it can be sharp with solid pain. It is playing on my mind but this time it’s hard to explain but more personal, I think age play’s part with the longer this goes the harder it will get within the workforce, see at my age you should be well and truly on the scrap heap, but more than anything this could go on for two years or more before being operated on.

To help I go to a head shrink once a month, I look at it I’m going to live, I try to work with my movements to make them a bit easier, I believe it will get better, I believe ill go forward, I try not and don’t think Mmm poor me, I look at this as another challenge I need to work with, I haven’t a partner that helps with different things and chat too with this situation that just makes it clearer, which could be a good thing as your will power has to be stronger. Over the years we train to do a lot of things in life, this is hard and complex in some ways, I just look at positives, set goals, enjoy what I have around me, try and keep my mind active, smile and laugh with the grandkids. They say life is not meant to be easy, for some of us it’s definitely the right phrase, I look in the mirror and just focus on myself, tell myself it will improve, keep working with it, be strong, be positive, I find with talking to me, my self and I this helps it doesn’t fix it just helps in haven the right attitude and going the right direction with fighting those more shady days of my life.

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