The Power Of Enough Is Enough!

It has to happen sooner or later but Australian people of all walks of life have had enough, time to show we are standing for our rights, respect for the choices that we make for ourselves and our kids. The convoy in Canberra is there to demonstrate with peaceful rallies to scrap the Mandatory law, with thousands upon the grounds and more going into Canberra every hour, with letting the government know they are there for the long fight until the mandatory laws are scrapped permanently of the bill. It’s so good to see that the voices of people are getting out there to be heard and let this government know things have to change immediately for the better of all Australians.

In the last few weeks, we have had a group called Common Law Sheriff who has been elected by the people who have the power and rights to stand up for freedom and their rights. In the last few days, they have issued summons to the premier of W.A and the police to appear in court on the grounds of giving misinformation with the Covid19 and the mandatory law to be scraped from the bill, and the Western Australia police the way they have been conducting the mandatory law on the citizens of W.A. I had no idea how much legal power the Common Law Sheriff has until the last few days, they are really making the government stand up with taking notice it has to stop now not tomorrow, we as the people are supporting this course of the rights as a society in letting the government know it’s time to be rational and intelligent with the decisions made for the future with this Covid19. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days the great thing is it’s happening.

Today the government has informed us that we could be looking at… three jabs & booster or four jabs plus booster… really they have no idea it changes so much even the weather does not change like the minds of our government, they wonder why we are getting pissed off with this whole set up that we endure with the covid19 rules and regulations all so the mandatory laws that come in every day, work it out please Lol.

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2 responses to “The Power Of Enough Is Enough!”

  1. From a fellow Aussie, finally the war is coming out into the open. Dark times that have been a long time in the global planning, but I’m not complying, now or ever.

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