Friday news…we’re are we going?

It makes you wonder and then with a glimpse at the news I understand why I’m trying to keep away from it, again the rules and regulations keep coming at us. As I have said many times I understand we must put them in place for many reasons, but what I don’t comprehend or make sense or even fathom is the way they alter and vary every day, from this to that so hard to follow sometimes and especially when we add a few more to the list.

We have a body In W.A called the Telethon Kids Insitute which do a lot of good for hospitals for kids they raise a lot of money and help with so much technology for the children that need serious medical conditions attended to. Now they are getting involved we’re they believe that from year three up all kids should be wearing facial mask at primary schools from the time they walk into the finish of school, year three is around eight years old, I don’t know it’s a big thing for kids to be asked in one respect, the feeling for me wearing one for tens hours a day certainly had enough within two hours, it will be interesting to see if it comes through how this will go for kids of all ages.

The government just announced as from 28/01/22 you will have three months from your second vax to receive your third one followed by two months for your booster, so now four vax shots to exceed with the recommendations off fully vax. This is what I’m saying it’s baffling and a little confusing we are rechanging the sanction of being vaxed to what the health system believe in the need with Covid19, it will change before the middle of the year you can see that coming for sure as I really don’t know if they know as it seems we are just taking a stab at it.

The sky works was a major flop on Australia day in Perth… and of course this come down to the Omicron withheld the crowds away, yes there would have been a percentage that would look with the risk factor in going to the city foreshore with massive crowds, not the fact that there was a lot of guidelines brought into the outing for the night.

Like many around the City we just need comprehension for both ways to be vax – un-vax and some straight honesty instead of talking like politicians state things as if you care for all ages, and cultures with our society that would be worth a vote.

#Way Of Life…

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