Another step- in taking away choices in life.

The ultimate test is in front of parents and loved ones, it’s has been pushed and put through the house of parliament, if your un-vaxed and your child is admitted to hospital you will be exempt from being by their side, and according to the lord mayor and government there tough new laws and the battle against Covid19 to change your philosophy towards it, or really it was put across it’s not the right’s of parents they have no choices or rights to the way they feel and what they feel is the right of freedom of choice for there beliefs.

It’s confirmed as un vax parent you can only drop your kids and pick up as far as the gate you can not enter school grounds or be any part of the school, imagine the year one’s parents I know my self when I took the kids to year one I had a little tear in my eyes it’s a big thing for them and for the parent in some way, it means they are not that little kid any more they have just gone to kid Lol.

I don’t want to sound hypocritical or have higher standards or noble in my beliefs than is the case with Covid19 and vax or un-vax. So much so I went and got my first vax injection yesterday, not happy at all in doing so the reality is real or existent within a system that I am opposed to. I understand the sickness if it gets hold of you can be devastating within your health, what I don’t like is the force, no right’s or my own choice and being punished for not being in the system.

In doing so I go through the system with the operation a lot quicker than if I wasn’t un- vax and keep my job as a FIFO, I just wanted to know more of the vax what we are putting into our bodies. Let’s be honest for those people that have bad reactions to the Covid19 vax, we don’t hear of anything It’s swept under the carpet does not exist, I must admit my right arm is very sore today with every now and then hot sweat but I was told to expect that from the doctor.

This has not even started yet as from the 31st of January the rules are going to get tighter and harsher on the un-vax it’s pure and simple, abide by the rules or suffer the consequences that will be handed down to you, with no privileges in the community, shopping centres, movies, restaurants, anything retail, schools, hospitals, the list goes on. My priority is the hospital and getting back to work are my goals as for the rest, I don’t go there and can’t afford it anyway and my moveability is very poor with the body and can only sit for around 15 to 20 minutes, the pain for a cup of coffee is not worth it…Lol.

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